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The Basic Smoothie 🍹

Whenever I feel like I'm lagging behind with the whole "healthy eating habit" thing, I usually turn to my good friend the smoothie. To credit healthy eaters, smoothies are the go-to way to get a good source of fiber, award your body with an energy boost, and absorb all the necessary nutrients you need the minute you gulp one down. Might I also say, they're flippin' convenient! (as oppose to a salad that requires a lot of chewing, which takes a little too long sometimes). Now I wouldn't call this is a recipe, more like a concoction of ingredients.

I'm not one to usually follow smoothie recipes by the teaspoon, but I always like to try a new "concoction" On the days I can't be innovative and have to rush to get to school, I always look to my handy basic smoothie recipe. Each ingredient in this recipe carries some sort of nutritional value and, as a bonus, it tastes great! I never get too tired of it. To spice it up (not literally) I like to so…

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