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A Year as a Minimalist (and aspiring zero waster)

I can't believe it's been a year since I set out on this minimalism/zero waste journey. Yes, I'm that person now and this post is the perfect way to commemorate the occasion :) There is no way to describe HOW MUCH I learned this year, HOW MUCH has changed for the better. Minimalism, my version of it, stayed with me through some rocky times in high school and through the early COVID days and I continue to implement its practices into my life.
It all began in September of 2019, a few days before my seventeenth birthday. My journey actually didn't begin with minimalism, but with zero waste. I was taking an environmental science class and was anxious to find new, innovative ways to lessen my environmental impact. I browsed YouTube and came across a TED Talk given by a woman named Bea Johnson. She introduced me to the zero waste movement, an entirely different lifestyle compared to the more mainstream consumer culture that focuses on reducing one's waste; obviously. My m…

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